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March Farms, Elm City, CT CX Series Wrap

March Farm CX

March Farm in Bethlehem CT always puts on a great show. Set on the rolling hills of a farm in western Connecticut the organizers really stepped up the race. This the new course included a warming tent equipped with a fully stocked bar, bonfire. treats from the farm and six inches of fresh snow!!! Starting just before 11am the snow left the race course barely ridable. As always the start was a mad dash to the first corner. Being the first one to the left turn I wasn't able to keep the bike moving in the snow and immediately dismounted and started running. Racers continued to try but eventually each of us was carrying bikes on our back and the bike race quickly became a running race. Finding only limited places to ride our bikes we pressed on through the snow for 35 minutes. Scott Livingston From Horst Cross Spikes and I traded positions a few times. He got the best of me when I slipped on a steep uphill section (must have been those cross spikes) but I was able to pass him after a mistake in the snow. Keeping on the pressure I was able to ride/run into second place for the day.

Elm City CX

Twenty-four hours later we gathered again to race the final CT Series race of the year. In New Haven Connecticut the race was drastically different than the previous day. Warmer temperatures and rain created a slick course covered by water, mud (both white mud and brown mud) on top of a layer of frozen earth. Racing in the mud created one of the most fun races of the year. Having focused the season on higher power levels and bike handling I was able to recover from my poor start and slowly overtake riders during the six lap race eventually catching up to Scott Livingston. We continued to battle by trading positions in the last half of the race. Riding smart Scott passed me with two laps to go but I was able to hold his wheel and found another chance to pass him back. The conditions continued to deteriorate as the race continued. With my legs feeling the efforts of the race I made a last lap mistake and found myself laying down in a puddle. I was able to quickly recover and hold my position for a strong 4th place finish. Connecticut Series of CX

It's always sad to see the season end but this year I made significant improvements. Beginning the year with goals of the series podium I focused my training and adjusted my diet. With strong placement in each of the races I finished the series on the podium in third place. Hoping I can improve on this form as we head to the National championship in January.

Bonus Content:

Stan at the start: Elm City CX

Elm City Masters 40 Start: Stan

Stan in chase @ Elm City Cx.....

March Farm CX on-board video: Hildebrand P123

Elm City CX on-board video: Hildebrand P123

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