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KMC CX Fest Race Report

So I spent Friday & Saturday (9/29 & 9/30) racing at the 50+/60+ category at the KMC CX Fest in Thompson, CT. The course was a dragstrip with a couple of bumps in the way. With all the dry weather we have been having the dirt on the run up and off cambers was the consistency of flour which produced lots of clouds of dust. Friday we were the first group to race and the course was relatively smooth. Saturday we were one of the last groups to race and the course had taken a pretty thorough beating especially on the off camber sections. During warm ups I saw a guy go over the bars and break a bunch of spokes on his front wheel as he hit a hole formed by the heavy breaking need to not go off the course at the bottom of the hill on one of the off camber sections. He came out of it fine but his front wheel had the potato chip look to it. The start covered about 3/4 the oval race track so the speeds were really fast going into the first grass section. I didn't see any crashes in the first couple of turns which surprised me given the speeds. It definitely strung things out. I had a descent start both days and settled into the rhythm of the race. Typically I see 11mph average speeds in the local races I do but both days I averaged 15.5mph & 15.8mph. What a dragstrip! Overall I was happy with the racing as I was able to do better than the race predictor. Gary Aspnes had a solid races placing 17th & 15th. I came in 32nd & 31st. Time to rest up for the next weekend.

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