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The annual Jam Fund Grand Fundo is a fundraiser put on by Jeremy Powers, to fund young up and coming Cyclocross riders. All the proceeds from the event go to the Jam Fund program, devoted to helping young, enthusiastic cyclists become professional athletes.

Expo represented, with over a dozen riders lining up for the “Grand Fundo” which is 68 miles of tough climbing, dirt roads, and beautiful scenery. The morning started with “cowboy coffee and pancakes”. How great is that? Keith Gauvin, always the favorite in this type of competition, easily took the top podium spot for Breakfast.

As is the Expo way, it was nearly full gas out of the gates, we could see the lead out car for far too long. After some punchy dirt sections, came the climb up King’s Highway – all survived, with The Cat getting motivated by well-intentioned hecklers.

Finally, at mile twenty-two came the first well needed rest stop – Fluff/Blueberry/Bacon sandwiches, and macaroons were the primary refuel for Expo – Cool wet towels on the neck were a Godsend. Next was about another twenty miles to the beloved Ice Cream truck rest stop. MANY punchy dirt climbs to get there, some got grumpy and fell back a little. Another showed off his trail riding skills until it was time to get back on the road, where he (unnamed) promptly pole vaulted his bars and hit hard enough to dent his helmet. After some compassion, but more heckling, he was back on his machine, with mostly his pride hurt. At the ice cream truck, it was half ice cream, half pickle juice as everyone was looking for something to ingest to get them home.

Final rest stop was brief, everyone just wanted to get to the tents, so quick water fills and off. Thankfully, it is “All downhill from here” – but unlike that false Expo cry – It really is. Expo built a nice steady train all the way back to Southampton. Once back, we all enjoyed great barbecue, some craft beer, and fun recap chat with friends. All were hurting, and saying we can’t wait for next year at the same time! Photo credit is Amy Kosienski, who drilled it all day long. Missing from photo were David Hildebrand, and Chris Stoltze, tough to herd cats sometimes.

Expo riders – Matt Snell, Dave Jacoboski, Joe Candeias, Keith Gauvin, Jon Tarbox, Kurt Percy, Humberto Raposo, Matt Farrell, Mike Yohe and Keith Hurley. Missing from photo Dave Hildebrand and Christ Stoltze.

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