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New Britain Criterium (CT Championships)

My morning started off slow and relaxed as I had two of the later start times of the day. It was a

beautiful start, but I knew rain was in the forecast as the day stretched on. It quickly went from

perfectly sunny in Vernon to 85% clouds as I rolled into New Britain. Upon arrival I was told at

registration that the 30 and 40+ masters races were going to be combined. I was good with that

as I would have Todd and Stan in the race with me. After a brief team meeting we took the line.

I personally felt very confident during the race. I was coming off of a good week of training with

two strong teammates to ride with, I was in good company.

The race was fast and smooth from the cockpit of my rig. It was challenging to keep an eye on my 30+ competitors while watching the 40+ guys too. I followed wheels as much as possible staying close to Stan and Todd as I knew they woul

d also be watching carefully to not let anything go. I too did my part and pulled through and held lines. The goal was to be top 4-6 going into the last corner as many times the race is settled well back from the finish line. The last three laps riders were jockeying for position and trying to conserve while getting in last minute pulls setting themselves up in drafts preparing for the all important final corner.

The bell sounded the last lap and it was smooth at the front. Both Todd and Stan were in good position, my immediate competition in sight for the 30+ was Joe Rodrigues from the Cyclonauts, ERRACE’s Chris Morris, Hunter Pronovost from Cheshire Cycle and Sam Rosenlholtz from CCB. I was able to get my bearings and settle in, in good position and accelerate with the group around the corner and into the hill and back straight. Holding position into the flat, the group accelerated into the final corner and I found myself glued to the wheel in front. I briefly saw Todd get out of the saddle to turn the screws in and followed suit. Thundering down the final straight I had a clear line to the finish. I saw only a few riders in front of me and knew it was going to be a good result. I was able to catch up to Stan and cross the line together .01 of a second behind him which was good enough for 6th and 7th in the race. All said and done Todd was able to take second in the sprint overall and 1st for CT in the 40’s. Stan was 6th in the Race overall and I fished 7th, 2nd for the 30+ and first for CT. I was completely unaware of the final results as I immediately reported back to the line to start the Cat 3 race. It was pretty uneventful as a whole. I was spent, but kept it rubber side

down and mustered enough energy to finish 11th overall and 9th in the field sprint.

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