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Cheshire CX - Hero Dirt!

I had heard about Cheshire Cx for years, and finally had a chance to go this past weekend. It has a reputation of being the best of grassroots fun, and it really was. A ripping good time of a woods section (hero dirt!), and the deafening roar of the Hill People on Heckle Hill, made it hard not to grin. We also got to line up with Jan Bolland Tanner in the Women's 123! A hero in her own right. After leading for a lap, and then trading spots back and forth with Caitlin Szymkowicz a few times, I finally settled in to 2nd. It was disappointing to find out that my head is still acting up (dizzy), but it was a blast to be out there and hear everyone cheer. Thanks, Cheshire Cx for the good time!

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