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Veteran's Memorial CX

Veterans Memorial CX Race put on by Team ERRACE took place at Hop Brook Park in Middlebury, Connecticut. The course was a decent length with nothing too technical. This provided a perfect arena for the fast and furious, as the turns were wide, the sand solid, the off-camber easily manageable, and the barriers low enough for some to bunny hop. This was a race that tested one’s fitness more than skill.

Over one hundred racers competed on a day when the temperatures were finally starting to feel like autumn. Spirits were high and racers, spectators, volunteers, and announcers were having a blast. Stan finished in the top ten of the 40+ race, while Jeremy came in mid-pack; Todd took third in the Pro Men's race; Vickie finished strong and took second Pro women's; and Linda avoided all possibilities of wiping out.

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