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Aetna-Expo Races the Brumble Bikes Kermesse

Photo Credit: Harold Hanka/The Westerly Sun

The Brumble Bikes Kermesse is a new race on the calendar, and like 2 weeks ago in Clearwater, takes place along the beach. That's about where the similarities end - racing along the Rhode Island coast in April is cold, windy, sandy, and bumpy. I loved it. The narrow roads, sharp turns, and nervous peleton made the race feel like a Belgian classic. Nobody could get away despite numerous attempts, and the final lap started with everyone trying to maintain position at the front. The AetnaExpowheelman team of Gary, Dave and I (along with Expo guest Esteban) were never out of the top ten despite how aggressive the group was, and we turned onto the 1/4 mile finish of Atlantic Blvd well placed. Cramps and fatigue were a factor, but we all managed solid finishes with 5th (Todd), 11th Dave. Gary finished with the group after driving the front for a good portion of the last lap.

The race received positive press in the local Westerly Sun press:

Hopefully this race grows and is back for many years to come.

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