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Aetna-Expo Rider David Hildebrand Wins the 45+ CT Crit Championship.

The CT Championship race for the Masters 45+ was once again held at Walnut Park in New Britain. The weather was perfect for racing with the temperature in the mid 70's and the sun shining.

We had lots of great competition on the starting grid. Todd, Gary, and I represented the Aetna-Expo team. The race plan was simple, stick together at the front of the race and make sure there was always one of us in every move to give us the best opportunity at the finish.

As the race unfolded it was clear it was going to an aggressive, hotly contested race. Many racers and their teams tried to force a split to no avail. Gary helped keep things stitched together. On the bell lap Todd went to the front and strung out the field to keep the pace super fast which discouraged attacks. He held this through to corner 3, the base of the hill, before he swung off after a job well done for the team.

As we hit the final corner the swarm came and we all opened up our sprint. In the end I couldn't come up with the win, I placed fourth and was fortunate to cross the line as the first CT racer. Yet another great day with friends, teammates, and awesome competition.

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