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Bay State CX Recap (Multiple Categories Lots of Pictures!)

Race Report

By Rich Allen

Bay State CX Recap, Sterling, MA (Sunday)

The Expo boys & Vicky Monahan were out in force this weekend providing a good turnout and some solid results. Keith Gauvin, Todd Bowden, Tim Ratta, Jeremy Brazeal , Gary Aspens, , Keith Honda, and Rich Allen were there to represent the red & black. Ok, Todd wasn’t wearing red & black but I know his blood is red….

Keith Gauvin had a stellar ride putting the hurt on the 35+ (123) group. Keith jumped out to lead the race after lap 1 for a couple of laps and finished in a strong 4th place, an impressive show of horse power and skill. Todd Bowden came in 5th place right behind Gauvin, Tim Ratta had a top 10 finish at 10th place. Jeremy had a DNF, not sure what happened there. Many people were taken out with the mechanicals after crashing.

Gary Aspens survived the 45+ race placing 34th.

The course was a really good test of your bike handling skills based on the ice, snow, a little bit of mud, off camber sections, punchy little hills, a nice long run up, a very steep descent and general varied terrain. I really liked the course and it had all the elements of a good cyclocross course. It was really fun to watch people getting tested by the course and conditions. Many people in my race were really having a hard time in the snow. Crashes plagued the 1st lap and I was lucky to avoid 2 or 3 people falling in front of me. Very narrow lines developed through the deep snow sections and were challenging to stay on the track or pass riders. My race went well, had a much better start than Saturday and placed 12th out of 37 starters. In the 55+ group there were 7 DNFs which was not uncommon given the conditions. Unfortunately Keith Honda got tangled up in a crash when a rider fell right in front of him. Keith came in wearing mud on his side when he finished and placed 22nd. Thanks to Keith Gauvin and Todd Bowden for coaching me on tire pressure and riding technique.

Saturday’s race was a little more slippery, colder & icier and a little harder to stay upright. I was the last guy called up to the start so I had my work cut out for me. I was able to move up early in the race and ended up 16th out of 39 starters.

Picture credits go to Sandol again….thanks!

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