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Aetna-Expo at the CT State Criterium Championships!

By Todd Bowden

Crit racing at New Britain is such a part of Connecticut racing that I can't even remember half of the races I have done there. There have been some races to remember - finishing 2nd in the Pro 1-2 race between the Team 7-Up Pineda Brothers (both would test positive for drugs that year) and just a few years ago when there was 4 crashes on the last lap because the tough NYC crew came North for a pay day. The Nutmeg State Games of this year is also one to remember. The weather was perfect, there was lots of Expo support, and the legs felt great. As good as winning the 45+ felt, there is nothing better than driving a break of 4 for a whole race and then taking the sprint. That glory was short lived as Dave and I lined up together for an action packed 40+ race where attacks were constant. Dave is a marked man and was given no rope, so the goal was to keep the field stitched together for a sprint. Easier said than done, but with a couple of frantic last laps, Dave was able to sprint to a very impressive 2nd place. Dave carried that momentum (and tired legs) to the 35+ race where Expo team mate Stan Lezon made the break and Dave was able to patrol the front - coming home with the field and Nutmeg Games bronze medal.

Ben, confirming his status as a new Father lined up in a rather depleted 30+ field, which featured non stop and short lived attacks. He finished a fine 4th overall, good enough for silver among Connecticut riders.

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