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EXPO at the CCAP Tuesday Night Crit Recap

Race Report by David Wells

Photo Courtesy Aki Sato

Rent Recap- It was really an exciting night at the Rent tonight! The Red-N-Black was out in numbers for the kick off race. Jack K. and Xander Jones started things off right with their first Crits in the Junior division. Both boys were able to get some great experience and work with some other racers to share some pulls and race attacks.

The B Race had a ton of Expo Racers really getting after it. When it came down to the finish, Aaron Brown was in a great spot for the win, but a Cyclonauts racer got into him on the finish sprint and took A-Rod out of the running from the win. Aaron held his ground and didn't go down, unfortunately the Cyclonauts rider was not so lucky, but wasn't hurt and walked away under his own power.

The A- Race started off with an immediate attack from the whistle from a CCAP racer and the pace never seemed to let up. Lance Jones looked really strong and was right in the mix. I was spit off and was lapped, but did stay in and got to re-engage in some race tactics. I had really become comfortable with the "Dangling off the back" technique. Todd Bowden was able to answer all the attacks and put himself in a 4/5 man break-away and stayed away to the finish line to take a podium position. John Harris ( CCAP) took the win with a very impressive Sprint to the line. I have to admit, I was really excited to be back at the races, but most importantly to see and hear all of the support from all of our Team Mates. I really want to thank Scott Kearney, Nicholas Willette, John Costello, Aaron Brown, James Krupienski and Jack, Steve Douville, Xander Man, Aki Sato and all the other EXPO Racers ( It's late, so I know I'm missing some people, very sorry) who stayed around and cheered and supported the other team mates in the A race, when they could have easily packed up and took off. Your cheers and support were so much appreciated, it definitely kept me in the race for sure! The CCAP crew is really off to a great start and they have told me personally how much they really appreciate the support from EXPO.

You guys are all making a difference! GO EXPO!

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