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Aetna-Expo Race Team at Zweidzanie Bethel - Race Report

Race Report by Ben Carbonetti

Great to see so many Expo riders out at Bethel today. Huge thanks to Aki for all his hard work putting it on, I had never done the race before but was really impressed with the course and how well organized the race was.

In the P123 Ed Angeli, Todd Bowden, and I had a blast. It was a tough, long race (nearly 1.5 hrs for a crit) and the field started out huge but was whittled down by the heat and pace to 40ish riders. It was disconcerting to be slipping back in the field and thinking there were still many riders behind you but then finding yourself at the back!Todd and Ed were super active at the front while I waited to find my legs. It was amazing to watch them kill it after already racing earlier in the day. A really impressive effort. I took a few digs at the front half way through but didn't really get going until about 10 laps to go when I finally settled in. At this point there were two small breaks ahead of the main field--two groups of 6 so we were racing for 12th. The field slowed the last time up the climb and I attacked with a CCAP rider and held off the field for the last lap. I rolled in 14th, which given my slow start this year I was pretty happy with. Todd rolled in at 19th and Ed just after that. Not a bad day!

--Ben Carbonetti

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