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Stan Lezon

Category 3 Road & Cyclocross

Years Riding/Racing: 22 Years Riding and Racing

Why I started Cycling: Growing up Mountain Biking provide me with the opportunity to explore the woods around my town. Living close to Case Mountain in Manchester CT I had miles of trails to ride. Cycling with friends I quickly discovered that I had the ability to ride faster and further than others which lead me to my first mountain bike race. Buying my first road bike in College I continued with racing as part of the UCONN cycling team. Today racing is a part of life that is passed on to my family as my two sons (Owen and Ethan) participate in kids road and cyclocross events around New England.

Key to Success in Cycling: Proper planning, execution, living healthy and having fun.

Activities and Hobbies: Skiing, living outdoors, time at the beach with my wife and kids.

Cycling Goals: Race hard, race smart and be part of a team that continues to challenge each other


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