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NBX "Final Vittoria NECXS Race weekend"

Racing NBX in Rhode Island for the first time I wasn't really sure what to expect. The morning started early leaving the house at dawn to arrive in time for the 8:40 juniors race. Despite arriving in fridge temps and high winds eight year old Owen lined up with a large junior field. Being the smallest of competitors he held his own during the race and put in a strong effort over the entire race course.

Warming up for my race I took to the course for a practice lap. The technical race was flat and fast meaning power would be key. Cornering skills would also be tested to maintain speed while pushing the limits of tire traction. If that wasn't enough the race organizers also included a beach. One hundred yards of an unrideable energy sucking sand run.

Seventy racers shot off the start line quickly accelerating to top speed. Starting from mid pack I quickly grabbed a few spots. The fast coarse suited my abilities and driving my bike into the corners I continued to move up. Then we hit the sand. Over six laps I continued to struggle with the sand run losing a few spots but battling back on the bike.

Finishing the race ahead of my starting position is always an accomplishment even if it meant cleaning sand out of my shoes.

--Stan Lezon

Like Stan, I too left early to make the 1'30" drive to Rhode Island. My wife Nikki was also racing on both days and her race was the ahead of mine at 8:20am; this meant leaving home at 5:50AM... We both looked forward to an excellent and sadly, final weekend of big races with our family and Cyclocross community of friends. The weather, aside from a chilly strong breeze on Saturday cooperated and we had all the makings or a great weekend of racing. Nicole had her best performance of the year coming in 4th both days in her field, just off the podium... I enjoyed the technical nature of the racing and the strong competition these Vittoria races bring out. I was fortunate with consistency throughout the season and very happy to finish 2nd overall for the series among great company! Having our teammates like Stan and his family at all these races has been great. We are all so fortunate to be able to play bikes on the weekends.

Now we're in the final stretch of the season as we start riding to keep the fitness for 4 more weeks ahead of US CXNats here in Hartford CT the first week of January.

--David Hildbrand

pics of Gary, Nicole and Rich...

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