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SuperCross Cup Weekend

Supercross, located at Rockland College in Suffern, Ny was stops #5 & #6 in the Vittoria Series. The two day racing could not have been more polar opposite, but i'll get to that in a minute. Todd Bowden, recently crowned Canadian champion (2nd time) and I headed up Friday evening, we booked a hotel to make the trip a bit easier since we have early morning races. My race, the Masters 45, starts at 9:45AM; Todd follows me in the Masters 35 field at 10:45AM.

We arrived and went in search of dinner. Not knowing the area, we landed a simple grocery store dinner of salad, chicken and pasta. We headed over to the venue early to get in a couple of laps. The course was very hilly compared to other NE races and entirely on grass with lots of technical off-camber sections, 1 set of barriers and a triple step (ride-able) on a hill.

The course was unique and that was good.


Day 1 had early morning temps in the high 50's, topping out later in the mid 60's, maybe the last warm Fall CX day this season. We were able to race with short sleeves, bare legs and no base layers. The course had a great flow to it and the punchy hills would prove challenging on both days in both extremes. I had the privilege of sharing the podium with Kevin Molloy, a former Expo Wheelmen member from back in the clubs earlier years. I've shared the podium w/Kevin in a few road races over the years too.

Todd and I some downtime and decided to visit the Ferrari / Maserati dealership next to our hotel - quite the set of cars!

Day 2 we woke up to a frigid, snowy (2" or so) and very wet morning. It was right then I wished I had brought the pair of mud wheels sitting in the garage. I had a pair of Challenge Baby Limus which would work good, but my Limus muds would have been great! The race ran on the same exact course, only backwards; this coupled with the weather, made it a complete polar opposite of Saturday. Temps in the low 30's meant dressing a bit warmer and dealing with pit bikes. I was fortunate to have a friend pit for me during my race. Immediately after finishing my race and podium presentation, I ran over to the pits and worked for Todd, flipping bikes, washing, cleaning and ensuring he had a clean bike at half-laps - it helps. This was my first time racing in snow/mud and as hard as it was, I loved it.

Both Todd and I had good races over the weekend - for me finishing in 2nd place on both days moved me to 2nd overall in the Vittoria Series.

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