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Winning the Canadian Championship

I am very happy and relieved to report that I won the Canadian National Championships for my age group, 40-49, for the 2nd time in my career. As a main focus, perhaps the main focus, of my entire season, it is a relief to have all the hard work pay off. Being Canada, in this case Sherbrooke Quebec (just to the East of where Rte 91 meets the Canadian border), conditions were cold and featured a layer of snow in the morning, which combined with the grass of Parc Jacques Cartier to produce a slick, slow mess with plenty of running to keep heart rates up and speeds down. Turn out for the event was good, with a fair number of competitors making it from the neighboring provinces and more than a few from the Western part of the country. I even saw some local New England faces there to cheer on friends or support team mates. I am thrilled to wear the Maple Leaf again and will add some distinctive updates to the current AETNA-Expowheelmen jersey very soon. Thanks again to all our sponsors and team mates for helping me realize this goal!

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