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CRAFT SPORTSWEAR Gran Prix of Gloucester

Gloucester - New England World Champs – was this past weekend, and it was beautiful. 60’s, sunny, perfect. This is a weekend that always makes me smile; it feels like NECX’s home. The best people, in a favorite place, promoted by one of our best sponsors. The course at Gloucester is always one of a kind and gorgeous – racing along the ocean on one side, by the roar of the beer garden, through the infamous chicane, and up the challenging finish straight with Ryan Kelly on the mic. This year was dry & dusty, but not as much as years past. After crashing two weeks ago during KMC Day 2 and hitting my head, my goals for the weekend were pretty straightforward: be safe, have fun, finish. Keeping the rubber side down was my biggest goal. And I did that. I finished on lead lap both days, I grinned hearing friends cheer, and gave a few high fives. Not every race is about winning your group. Sometimes illness or injury changes things, and it’s just about getting out there and doing it. Reminding yourself that you can. Thanks to Craft and Paul Boudreau for putting on an amazing event! Thanks to NECX for being awesome. Thanks to Julie Wright for jumping in the ocean for a second time with me. And Congrats to teammate David Hildebrand for his sprint for 3rd on Sunday. Lastly - we miss you, Vickie! Heal well

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