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Gran Prix of Beverly

The Gran Prix of Beverly is a relatively young race on the calendar but easily one of my favorites. Dave and I came up to do the masters race at this special Wednesday evening event. It is a great, technical downtown course that makes for a really fun race and exciting viewing for spectators. For several years the promoter has taken advantage of the course passing by the common to set up an expo with vendors and a kids race that adds to the event and allowed us to hang with our friends and sponsors at the Craft Sportswear tent before and after our race.

The technical series of turns just after the start finish can make this an unpredictable race. It can be good to set up a breakaway but often the race will end up with a bunch sprint. Dave and I raced fairly aggressively, trying to see if one or both of us could get in an early break but it seemed like the group was going to hold things together. That changed when a couple riders broke free just before a mid-race prime. Despite our best efforts, and with their teammates working to control the pack, that turned into the break of the day.

Dave did a tremendous amount of work to keep them close and with two laps to go, a lull in the pack told me it was now or never for a bridging move. Unfortunately, I did not quite have the legs and got caught by the bunch right at the final corner. But that effort did give Dave the opportunity to ride wheels and set up for the bunch sprint where ha managed to get seventh overall (with 4 riders up the road). Not exactly the result we were looking for, but an enjoyable night of racing at a fantastic venue.

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