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Team doubles up on wins in Stafford & Harvard

Team came out with full squad in the last two races and put up great results getting Todd Bowden (currently on great form) to the top step twice and excellent team results.

Harvard Road Race: David, Gary and Todd made the trek up to Harvard Mass for the Ken Harrod Memorial Road Race, benefiting the Harvard Fire Fighters. This is a hilly road race but well suited for our team as the hills are not too steep but long enough to thin the field. Gary helped to stir the pot while David & Todd stayed at the front monitoring and covering various attacks. Mid way through the race (lap 3) was a KOM prize. Todd stretched his legs and took the prize - a large Growler of local craft beer. With 1 lap to go, all three were at the front, Gary led out a surge through the final right hand corner and short but steep uphill kick which Todd and David followed. Todd was able to get a strong run at the final 750 meter downhill finish and easily outpaced the rest of the field to take the win, with Gary finishing 8th and David rounding out the team with 14th. Great results and a great day for the team.

Stafford Criterium: Jeremy led out and attack at the beginning of the race which brought about a quick reaction and placed David and Todd into the race winning break which would lap the field. Jeremy and Stan held control of the field throughout the race giving the break the best opportunity for success. After lapping the field, Todd quickly moved through and back off the front, solo this time and held it for a the win! David finished 7th, Stan & Jeremy had solid finishes in the field.

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