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Aetna-Expo Races the Mystic Velo Criterium

Finally the weather changed for the positive here in New England and we were treated to sunny sky's and warm temperatures for the 2016 Mystic Velo Criterium held at Ninegrit Park in Charlestown, Rhode Island.

Jeremy, Todd and I lined up for the Masters race, and waited for the whistle. Within half a lap, Jeremy decided to stretch his legs with an attack. It stuck and he was off on his own and built up a decent time gap. Typical of this race venue, the wind is always a challenge and going solo is a big ask. Jeremy was coming back to the pack after a few laps and immediately a counter of 5 guys including David went. David and Kyle gave another hard dig and gapped the other 3 with them. They'd spend the rest of the race on their own while Todd and Jeremy controlled any attempts by other racers in the pack to bridge.

On the final lap David attacked and was able get a gap and take the win. Todd was the fastest in the bunch and sprinted for 3rd place while Jeremy followed very close to wrap up 5th sealing the deal with all three occupying the top 5. Smiles all around!

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