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NBX "On Your Left"

NBX in Rhode Island is the final stop of the verge cyclocross series . Like all other verge races it is a 2 day event . The temperature was forecasted to be in the 50's both days and for once the weatherman got it right. I Cant remember this kind of weather ever for this race. Usually it is bone chilling cold I for one welcomed the warmth of the sunshine.

I have found out that there is no real easy way to get to RI from CT. So with a 9:30 race time I was up early. I started my day at the Chuck Wagon in Ellington. At 5:15 am I was saddled up to the counter, there is nothing like a big diner style breakfast before race day.

The course at NBX is famous for roots and the dreaded sand. The sand run is about 50-60 meters and pure hell. The course designers really changed the course up this year adding tons of new turns to an already turny course. ( I know turn is not a word)

Ok the race I signed up for the 45+ I lined up third row which was really was not that bad. Except for the fact that I was stuck behind some chucklehead who couldn't clip in. After telling said chucklehead to, well anyway, I got past him and put in more effort than I wanted to in order to move up. After a few sections I hear someone say " On your left" I'm thinking to myself who the hell is this guy telling me "on your left" not even a 1/4 lap into the race. Whatever, I continue to close door.

Maybe a minute later I again hear " on your left" or maybe it was " on your right " said chucklehead passes me and I give him a slight nudge with my elbow just because.. Turns out said Chucklehead actually got a worse start than me and it was none other than Mr. Bowden. Todd went on a tear through the field and ended up winning the race. What a stud!!

I had a good race, battled with some strong guys and fought until the end rolling in for 9th.

Sunday It appears Todd got a better start because I did not see him.. I got a decent start and pedaled my ass off for 40 ish minutes. I had a slightly better result today rolling in for 8th with 7th and 6th 3 seconds ahead of me.( shoulda woulda coulda) but just couldn't and it was not for lack of trying..

It was really an awesome weekend of racing with lots of friendly Expo faces at the event. I even managed to grab a quick shot of Umberto ripping through the sand.

Ice weasels here I come..

Day 1 Pics

Day 2 Pics

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