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CCAP Kermis 40+ Race Report

For all the doom and gloom surrounding the state of road racing these days, the guys at CCAP have figured out the recipe for fast fun racing on a challenging course with lots of turns and smooth pavement. The annual Kermis takes place at Rentschler Field on a Friday night, and between the great course and the festival atmosphere, everyone from racers to friends and family, to kids all have a good time. And for race fans, the competition was good too! The pro class was a nail biter to the end, with plenty of attacks and counters to hold everyone's attention. Our own Ben Carbonetti - who was recently awarded his doctorate, hung on to the main group until the end.

I raced the 40+ again this year, and was up against some good competition. I was the only AETNA-Expowheelmen racer in our field and set out to mark the 2 most likely protagonists that David identified as my competition. Sure enough - a small group got away featuring the 3 of us and 3 other players. We worked hard for 7 laps, trading pulls and pushing the pace, while the main field stayed just outside of striking distance.

Finally, on the last lap there was a flurry of attacks - and lucky for me there was a regrouping with just a mile to go. I was able to drop into 3rd heading to the line, and when the sprint kicked I was able to come around for the win. Now thats fun!

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