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New England Regional Cyclocross Championships (Fitchburg MA)

Race Report

By Keith Gauvin

I'm sure all of you have experienced this feeling. Your body tells you that you should probably stay home and your mind is everywhere but on the race your headed to. While the NPR podcast of Snap Judgement kept me company on the way up I desperately wanted to turn around as " I Just wasnt into it today"

All of a sudden I'm in Fitchburg. Seeing how I did not pre reg for this race I was in the back. I ended up missing my race Saturday due to work hence the no pre reg. My race # pretty much summed up my race experience. I really didnt have the desire, will or more importantly the ability to gut myself today. I rolled around in last place for pretty much the whole race. Being a " Bike racer" I could come up with Tons of excuses ya know the Shoulda, Woulda, Couldas.. Instead I'll tell ya the truth. I took a serious ass whoopin yesterday"

Probably the highlight of the day for me besides the cheap gas and booze was a killer Pulled pork from BT's Smokehouse in Sturbdrige.

Better days ahead at the races I hope..

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