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Hartford and Newtown CX Race Reports

Race Reports

By Jon Tarbox

Team ERRACE has continued the string of outstanding Ct races. They did a great job with everything. I expect this race to grow. The big Verge races have gotten so competitive (and apparently I’ve gotten slower) that I really look forward to the local races. It's always more fun to actually have to think about racing versus just gutting yourself for 35th place. Me and Paul Nyberg had an epic battle today, in the end I outfoxed AND out-sprinted the wily veteran. Always fun to race with my buddy Pauly. Obviously Pat Cunningham won, that's what he does.

hartford cx.jpg

Today, at Newtown CX, the Tarbox Line payed off. It wasn't for the win, but for 2nd and winning our group. We battled the whole race and I was surprised to stay with Pat Cunningham for a change. I played it smart and watched for a corner that I had a faster line on. I attacked there, right before the finish and held on to take 2nd. Second second for the weekend. Local races are where it's at. Think about that the next time you're racing for mid pack versus a possible podium. Support your local race. Four more races left in CT. Good to see a few other team mates there, Rich Allen, Mark Sondeen and Larry Merlin. It’s possible I’m forgetting someone.


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