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Hartford Riverfront CX

Race Report

By David Hildebrand

Sunday was the inaugural Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross Race run by the same promoter, Ron Manizza, that also runs the famed Mansfield Hollow CX race. With that as a backdrop, we expected a great course and Ron delivered. It was a perfect day at the park, with a strong field lining up for the 40+ Masters race. The course started with a long fast grass section and quick transition into sidewalk surfing, then through a volley ball sandpit. The course twisted around and had some tight sections with a very tricky off camber section around a gazebo. There were two other notable sections; a very long (favored me) and super-fast section through the woods, followed by a switch back up hill that would take quite a bit of power to negotiate. I figured the key was to take the hole shot and never look back with the advantage of getting through everything quickly and first to avoid the bottlenecks. The strategy proved itself out and I was able to stay solo for all but the last two laps where I was joined by another racer and worked together to further our advantage - I felt like I had super legs and took the front after the gazebo and stayed there for the final lap with an attack coming of the woods to take the Win and top step of the podium. We are fortunate to have another great race added to the calendar!

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