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The Expo Wheelmen Take the Camp Challenge!

Ride Report

Anyone familiar with Paul Newman and The Newman's Own Foundation, is probably aware of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (HITWGC). Indeed the camp was one of Paul Newman's passions. For the unitiated, the camp, located in the quiet corner of Connecticut (Ashford CT), is a bucolic place where kids with life threatening illnesses can experience camp just like any other kid. The camp is staffed with doctors based on the needs of the campers and is ready to deal with any number of the unique challenges these campers may face. Each year the camp puts on several charity rides/runs/walks that help raise money to keep the camp functioning and providing these wonderful services for kids and their families free of charge. These events are very important for the HITWGC because they, along with their corporate partners, and other donation campaigns, are the way the camp continues to operate.

The Expo Wheelmen and the Aetna-Expo Race Team were so proud to be the sponsoring club for both the Angel Ride which is in May and the Camp Challenge Ride which happens in September. It is our job to make sure that riders less experienced are encouraged, riding safely, and get whatever help they need throughout the ride. It is a service we are so very happy to provide as we feel we get just as much out of as we put into it, if not more. We were also so happy that one of our primary partners/sponsors, Aetna, is also so involved with the camp. All of these relationships that allow us to give back to the greater community are really valued by us and as always we had a great time to boot! This year the camp challenge ride had raised over 400,000$ for the camp, and was on pace for half a million by the time the donation period closes. We can't wait to do it all again next year with even bigger and better results!


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