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David Hildebrand Competes in the USA Cycling Master's National Championships

Race Report

After averaging 27.5 mph for 35 miles David finished 13th out of 82 riders in what was the largest and strongest field at the 2014 Master's Criterium National Championships in Ogden, Utah. During the race there were multiple breakaway attempts and David was able to get into two of them that appeared promising. Ultimately, a win was not to be, though David remarked "I found a new max heart rate!". With 1 away, the race finished in a field Sprint. The race was single file for the full duration.

After finishing the race David said, "this was the hardest race I've ever done. I am very happy with the result and played my cards well. The competition was incredible. This was a great experience for me. I can't say enough how great the support was that everyone gave me. It helped me tremendously today! I felt like you were here with me, thank you very much." We are all very proud of the way David represented the Aetna-Expo race team at such a high profile event and we can't wait to see what lofty goals he sets for himself in the future!

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