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CCAP Breakaway Benefit Ride

Ride Report by David Wells

TAKE-A-AWAY from the BREAK-A-WAYI can't wait to tell you all about the ride and the dinner, but I really want to give you my take away from this past weekends CCAP event. When CCAP first came to Expo Wheelmen ( Dave Hoyle attended one of our Monthly Meetings) the Break Away Event was in it's near infancy. Immediately many of us were strong supporters of their vision of giving youth more opportunities of influencing children with cycling from the very beginning. But what I witnessed this weekend was so moving, the word I come away with is "INSPIRED"! I was inspired by the actions of Aidan and his entire CCAP Team to make a vision a reality. I was in awe of what they have become in such a short time, but more importantly, I was inspired by the overwhelming support CCAP has received by so many people that ALL share the same common goal. You see this common goal actually goes way beyond introducing cycling to youth and growing the sport of cycling. It's also "shaping" kids to learn many life lessons ( Team Work, Respect, Community, and much much more) that so many CCAP supporters, volunteers, racers, riders, can influence youth off the bikes as well as on. I witnessed a ride full and a dinner room full of people who have given so much to community and to the cycling sport. Leaders throughout that have already given tirelessly to making a difference. Individuals that could easily set back and say I have done this, or I have done that, but I heard these leaders say "What more can I do?" , "What more can I give?" It's these incredible people that absolutely "INSPIRED" me with their endless positive energy.

Team EXPO also inspired me by the 19 supporters we had in person or in a donation to align with this incredibly worthy cause. I'm forever grateful to those who I stood with this past weekend and I'm equally as grateful for those that will rise in the future and help make a difference. I feel that support comes in the way of "ACTION". Action can be time, money, riding, and believe it or not, just your "POSITIVE" words and encouragement shows action. That's where it all starts.... Positive Energy. I can't Thank you all enough! GO EXPO!!!!!!!

--David Wells

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