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Jeremy Brazeal

Category 2 Road


Years Riding/Racing:  I learned how to ride a “2 wheeled” bike when I was 3 and never looked back. I began racing BMX when I was 10 and eventually traded that sport in for skateboarding for good when I was 13. I discovered Cyclocross and Road Racing at 16 and competed from 1986-1993, 2010-Current. Actively racing for 12+ years total.


Why I started cycling: Growing up as one of the local BMX and skateboarding kids in Willimantic, Connecticut I got to know the owner of Rainbow Cycling, Ron Manizza really well. When I turned 16 Ron offered me a job wrenching on bikes in the back of the shop and helping him sell skateboards like hotcakes. Within a few months I could not longer ignore the lure of cycling. For whatever reason I took to it quite naturally. At the time, Ron was organizing a cyclocross series at Mansfield Hollow (which we all know he still runs 30 years later). This series would be my first exposure to racing and after that I was completely obsessed. I raced hard until 1993 and won a lot of races and then, POOF! I quit. For 16 years I missed racing on a deep level everyday. It was especially difficult in the spring when the temperature in New England went up, the ground thawed, birds began chirping, and the smell of the flowers blooming was in the air. To me that will always be the feel and smell of road racing. Fast forward to 2009-2010 I was working in the UK and started training again. Within 2 months I was once again racing the Cat 1-2 Races in the Surrey League and I have not stopped racing ever since.


Other activities/hobbies: I wish I could say I have other hobbies, but I don’t. I am a pretty busy guy, single dad with a career that has me living in Connecticut on the weekends and Atlanta during the week. Also, supporting my oldest son Eli who has also caught the racing bug!! The way I see it is that I will have room to get another hobby when I retire because I am not quitting cycling again. Besides, I would look pretty ridiculous with skinny arms, skinny legs, a pot belly and a full arm sleeve tattoo of Campagnolo Super Record bike parts and brass cogs.


Other stuff: I can’t say enough about how grateful I am that after so many years away from the sport people in the Connecticut and New England that remembered me welcomed me back and showed so much support. This includes Bob Kiernan at Manchester Cycle who I raced for in my last season back in 93’ and others in the Manchester/Glastonbury area. I have tremendous respect for my team mates and enjoy crushing it out there to ensure one of us always crosses the line first.

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