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David Hildebrand – Director

Category 2 Road, Category 2 Cyclocross, Category 1 Mountain


Years Riding/Racing: I’ve enjoyed riding as long as I can remember. I was a late starter to racing; I began racing Mountain bikes in 1998 and road bikes in 2008.


Why I started cycling: I don’t remember exactly why or when I started cycling. I’ve always enjoyed riding a bicycle. Some of my best memories are as a kid riding from Manchester Center out to the old Talcottville bridge in Vernon or Globe Hollow in Manchester to go swimming in the summers. We rode out BMX bikes everywhere back then. When I think back I remember the feeling of freedom it gave me to explore and how great it felt to go fast and do jumps with all my friends. We were also very fortunate to have a BMX park built by neighborhood kids like me filled with table tops, big jumps, berms and whoopty doos… we would go there almost every day after school with our shovels and work the course then race and jump. I never looked back and continue to find ways to have fun on my bike while staying healthy and enjoying the great friendships I’ve developed because of it. For me, it’s been a consistent in my life in many different forms.Keys to success in cycling: Focus on the fun! Listen, learn and keep an open mind, there are many others out there with lots of wisdom to share. Pick a few key elements and work specifically to improve them.


Other activities/hobbies: I’m a simple guy, when I’m not riding my bike, I like to hang out with my wife and two boys who are very active as well. We spend time skiing, hiking or just hanging out as a family.Goals for 2014 and beyond: Build a strong cohesive racing squad, compete at Masters Road Nationals, help others with their cycling related goals, and share my love for living a full and healthy life with those around me.


Other stuff: I am very grateful to have a super support group in my family, friends, teammates, and my employer! They all contribute significantly to the active and healthy lifestyle I am able to lead.

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