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Todd Bowden

Category 2 Road, Category 2 Cyclocross, Category 1 Mountain


Years Riding/Racing: I have just started my 25th year of racing.


Why I started cycling: I began riding and racing at the same time as I entered college. I had always dreamed of being a motorcycle racer, and cycling seemed to be the next best thing. Plus, it was a healthy and social sport, and I instantly made friends that I am still in contact with today.


Other activities/hobbies: My other hobbies include skiing and camping with my kids, and getting away on vacation to new places.


Goals for 2014 and beyond: My goals for 2014 are support my team and get out to as many events as possible, especially those that promote healthy initiatives and that get people to be active. It is important to be competitive but to also have fun this year.


Other stuff: Having a successful career, parenting, and fitting in racing is a challenge, but cycling has given so much to me through good friends and a healthy life style, that I wouldn’t change a thing. I am looking forward to representing Aetna-Expo in 2014 and all the great bike rides that are coming up.


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