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Gary Aspnes

Category 2 Road, Category 3 Cyclocross


Years Riding/Racing: 39 years riding, 10 years racing.


Why I Started Cycling: Since I was a kid, the bike was about transportation, and as became more evident as I got older, health and fitness. Through grad school I commuted year round(including Wisconsin winters) while challenging myself to ride farther and faster on weekends. I always knew about racing, following the pro racing news for inspiration, but never got involved since I never knew any racers. After starting my real career, I stopped riding and gained almost 40 pounds in 5 years. When I started riding again it was both to regain the freedom I felt riding but also to regain my health and fitness. One year later, I was 30 pounds lighter. At the same time, I finally got introduced by a co-worker to the New England race scene. I was hooked. Racing provided the additional challenge of setting and achieving goals,the excitement of racing, the camaraderie of a team and the racing community while fueling further fitness gains. In 2012, I gained a new reason to value racing; I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. After a thyroidectomy, racing gave me the motivation to demonstrate I could return to the same competitive level while addressing the added challenge of managing post-operative hypothyroidism.


Key to Success in Cycling: Don’t focus on the outcomes, focus on the process and enjoy the moment, the results will come if you get it right.


Activities and Hobbies: I enjoy Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and winter hiking when I can fit it into my training. Outside of sport, I like baking bread and still enjoy occasionally getting out to see live music.


Goals for 2014 and Beyond: To enjoy good health, life and racing to the fullest, to do my part to help make Aetna-Expo Wheelmen a tight effective racing team, and to provide an example of working through health challenges through goals, focus and positive motivation.

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